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Compact Pontoon Boats 

 Compact Pontoon boats - luxury and performance in a small package.


Apex Marine with their Gillgetter and Qwest models set the industry standard for quality, luxury, and performance in a compact pontoon.


Gas or electric powered, don’t think for a minute that buying a compact pontoon boat means you have to give up anything you can get in a full size boat. Sure you can get a small boat with minimal power and limited options but you can also get the same performance and features that you get in the bigger boats with bigger price tags.

Apex Marine boats offer the same strength of construction, luxurious interiors and performance as boats costing two and three times as much.

Let’s talk about your options.


 Gillgetter models. 

Gillgetter models come in lengths from 13 to 15 feet with 6 and 7 foot widths and are perfect for smaller bodies of water. Gillgetters are available in several different models.

 Tiller model-   requires only an in-expensive tiller model outboard for power and can be had in numerous configurations.

Outfitter model- Can be built with only a driver’s seat or any way you like, a perfect work platform or fishing boat. Can also be configured for any special need you may have.

Fish N Cruise- Designed for fishing fun with 2 swivel base chairs up front and a bench seat with built in aerated bait well in the rear. Built in fishing rod, tackle, and cup holders complete the package.



Family Cruise- Family fun in its most basic form. Rear bench seat with armrests and 2 front bench seats, built for economical comfort and cruising.


 Qwest Adventure series. 

Qwest Adventure series boats represent a step up in luxury and amenities. From 14 to 20 feet in length and with a wider 71/2 width. Rear entry and permanent boarding ladders make these the perfect platform for family fun. Loaded with more standard options than our Gillgetter models these boats are what pontoon fun is all about. You will find that these models although compact in size are comparable to any big boat in the market.


 Qwest LS. 

 Qwest LS models represent the State-of-the-art in “compact” Luxury pontoons. From 14 to 20 feet and available in numerous configurations, these boats rival any luxury pontoon in fit, finish and features. If you want a “premium” pontoon but only need it in a “compact” size, look no further than the “Qwest LS” by Apex Marine. From its Stainless steel cup holders to its JBL stereo, comfort and luxury are what this boat is all about. Outstanding color choices and custom graphics let you stand out from the other boats on your lake.

And remember all Gillgetter and Qwest models are available with gas or electric power. If a “compact” pontoon is what you need, you just can’t beat the quality and performance of a boat built by Apex Marine!