Pontoon boat size

Pontoon boat size 

Pontoon boat size is probably the 1st and most important decision you must make.


Pontoons typically are built from 12 to 32 feet in length. Other lengths are available by special order. The most popular sizes run between 13 and 25 feet. Pontoon boats also come in different widths and pontoon diameters. Choosing the right size for you depends on several things. Two of the most significant factors in choosing are the amount of people you may need to fit on board and the size of the water body where you will typically use the boat. If you typically expect to use the boat as a couple with occasional guests a 13-20’foot boat may be all that you need. If you frequently entertain and need a larger capacity, an18-25’ boat would be recommended. Typically boats under 18’ have a passenger capacity of 8 or fewer people. Pontoon boats in the 18 to 25’ range may have seating capacities from 8 to 15 or more. Boat widths are typically 7, 7+1/2, 8 or 8+1/2feet.

The wider the boat the more stable the boat will be in rougher water.

Pontoon diameters typically range from 19 to 25 inches. Again the larger the diameter the higher the boat may ride and the more stable it may be in rougher water.

If you will typically be using your pontoon on larger bodies of water or rivers with extensive boating activity and lots of waves, a longer, wider, larger diameter pontoon will offer you the most stable and satisfactory ride for your money. If most of your Pontoon time is on smaller, calmer water bodies, than any size Pontoon boat will probably work.

In cases where higher performance (speeds over 30mph) is a requirement adding a 3rd pontoon (tri-toon) and larger engine would be required.

At COLUMBIA MARINE we always recommend that you purchase the longest, widest, highest powered, Pontoon boat that meets your needs and that you can afford in order to ensure your satisfaction in all conditions.

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