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Pontoon Boat Specialist! 

We know pontoon boats and we carry a large selection of Pontoon boats to meet every need and application. Choosing the right Pontoon boat is not an easy task. While many Pontoon boats look similar there are significant differences that must be considered before you make your purchase.

Will you be using your Pontoon boat for water skiing or just slow rides around your lake?Apex marine Qwest LS

Adult water skiing or just kids and tubing?


Bi-toon or Tri-toon?

Inboard, outboard or electric power?

Do you need to have room for 12 or more people on Holidays, or will a boat that seats up to 5 or 6 meet your needs?

Do you have internal combustion engine or horsepower restrictions where you boat?

Should you purchase a top of the line pontoon boat that will last and perform for a long time or should you save money and buy a model with less structure and features.

Will you be spending long days on the water and need bathroom facilities and fresh water or do you live on a lake where facilities and supplies are close by?

Will you require a trailer? Long distance towing or just in and out of the lake?

While it seems at 1st glance that all pontoons are similar, nothing could be further from the truth. Most manufacturers produce many different models offering different levels of construction and features in order to offer a diverse selection of price points to the consumer. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when you shop for your new boat. Most boats of equal construction and features from different manufacturers cost about the same. You need to understand the differences between each make and model before you can make an intelligent choice as to what model and price point best meets your needs.   Read below to see how we can help.

At COLUMBIA MARINE we specialize in helping you decide what pontoon boat, features and engine combination best meet your needs. We are more than happy to spend time with you discussing your needs and answering any questions you may have about your Pontoon boat purchase.

Our SOUTHBAY Pontoon boats offer the most diverse selection of features in the industry.

From our entry level Sanibel series to the incomparable "900" series, you will find something that meets your needs. Luxury Pontoons, High performance Tri-toons with big engines, affordable pontoons, "Green" electric solar powered pontoons and more. SOUTH BAY comfort, luxury, construction and performance set a whole new standard for the pontoon industry. SouthBay is also happy to build a "custom" pontoon boat for those that have special requests.

Our Gillgetter and Quest compact pontoons by Apex Marine  offer premium boats for the compact pontoon market.

Small and in-expensive does not mean you have to give up comfort, quality and performance. Apex Marine pontoons offer the features of a luxury pontoon at a price you can afford. For those who want a "compact pontoon" for small lakes, economical performance and ease of towing, our Gillgetter and Qwest models just cant be beat. Electric power or gas, fancy or basic, fish, cruise, or work boat, we have a model that will meet your needs.

If you are looking for a Pontoon boat or just have questions about pontoon boats or pontoon features, give us a call at 860-228-9343 or come visit the pontoon experts at COLUMBIA MARINE!